In Our Carry-Ons

In Our Carry-Ons


In a recent post on Stuff Worth Sharing, we highlighted three things that make travel more enjoyable. We wanted to use that list as a launching point for some other fun things we each take along in our carry-ons. 

Both of us carry these things in our carry-ons:

  • A magazine: Recently, we started treating ourselves to a new magazine before a big trip. We let it sit, unread, in anticipation of a big flight and we eagerly pour over it once we get on the plane. Christine's pick is pictured above: Bella Grace. Trent's favorite this past trip was Chip and Joanna Gaine's Magnolia
  • Our journal: We both love to journal and we both do so differently. Trent bullet journals and Christine writes narratives, draws pictures, and makes lists. We both like to take the time in airports and on airplanes to do this, especially during a full trip.
  • Fruit bars: Snacks. Because hanger is real.
  • Priority pass: This sits along with our boarding pass, but is worth mentioning because it comes along with our credit card and gets us into airport lounges so that we never pay for airport food.
  • Travel pillow: We both love our BCOZZY.

Then there are some things that we each are more specific about:


  • My Bible: Flights can be a great opportunity to unplug. For me, this is a great setting to dig into the word and have some quiet time. My slimline ESV is easy to pack and great to travel with. 
  • My Fountain Pen: For the past six months, I have been using a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen. I'll never go back to a ballpoint! As Christine can attest, I can be most creative on flights and so I bring along my pen to jot down thoughts and ideas. 
  • Camera: We recently aquired a Fujifilm XT-10 and have loved travelling with it. It is helping us up our travel photo game. We don't buy souvenirs when we travel and so photos are especially important to us. 
  • Laptop: I always have my laptop with me when I travel. I usually load it up with TV shows that I am watching at the time. Recently, I've been catching up on the fourth season of Vikings. 


  • Book(s): Who knows what mood I'll be in! Better safe then sorry and I have at least 2-3 books in my carry on for any flight. (This past flight: Bible, Independent People, & Bittersweet.)
  • Lip balm: I'm never without my lip balm so the airplane is no exception. Especially when the air is so dry.
  • Eye mask: My sleep on the plane is so much better when I can block out any and all light. Plus, I have a nice heavy one I bought in Korea that says, "LOG OUT."
  • Tooth brush: This and other basic toiletries, like deodorant, make it nice to freshen up just before landing. 
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