Our Story

Hey, we're Trent and Christine. We grew up on opposite sides on North America with just a few things in common: our moms both drove Chevy Astro vans, we are both the oldest of four siblings, and we both firmly believe in putting pineapple on pizza.

Our love for travel attracted us to each other and we were married in 2014, moving soon after to the Philippines with our pug, Gordon. There in Manila, our love and knowledge of coffee (and each other) grew and in November 2016 we launched Narrative Coffee Company in the central business district of Makati.

During that season of business development, we learned of the power and potential of a small business and the opportunities for community impact and transformation. Plus, we had a lot of fun doing it. Exploring coffee, meeting new people, and trying new things gets us excited.

We are currently in North America visiting family and sharing about our life in the Philippines and next steps. In mid 2018, we'll be moving to Turkey.